About Us

About our More Than Reality in site.

More Than Reality is an alternative news portal and community where we are trying to communicate to our visitors as comprehensively as possible, what is happening in the world without our knowledge. One of our aims is to share the messages of the happenings of today`s world with as many people as we can. These messages can sometimes carry some radical changes, often bluntly. We do not want to be subtle about sharing or writing the articles, as these occurrences are being carried out sneakingly against us – without our awareness. All we can see of this what our leaders reveal to us via the mainstream media. The latter sentence brings us to our main goal, namely everyone should get a much more plausible explanation of the things taking place in our world. – Never forget, there is always some light at the end of the tunnel.
Of course, the world is not full of only terrible things, it also embraces just as much beauty and wonders. We could not reach our spiritual development, the reason why we incarnated into this the world, if we could only focus on the unfavorable side of things. On our site we created a category called `Esoteric`, that is designed to make us realise that a much greater force exists in our souls than we could understand with our thinking minds. There will be displayed the articles from which we can learn a lot through practice or in a mental, spiritual way. Personally, I believe that if we use the duality inside us in a suitable measure, we will find answers to everyhing in ourselves and we can live a more fulfilled life.
Our site has a bit different content as well – which is at the same time present in the daily lives of people, and this is entertainment. Or let`s call it fun. In this category we have tried to collect today’s funny moments, art, inspirational quotes, and some veiled erotica.

The articles that can be found on our website have been written or compiled by contributors. The sources of adapted articles are indicated in all cases or a back link takes our visitors to the source site at the end of the article.
On behalf of myself and my team I wish you a pleasant time here on More Than Reality site.