Conclusive Evidence The USA Supported Emergence Of ISIS


Leaked documents from 2012 show the West supported the growth of a fanatical extremist group and relied on it to further their geopolitical plans in the Middle East.

Anyone thinking that Western powers would have stopped ISIS in its tracks if intelligence services had only predicted its emergence a little earlier should watch this short video.

Ben Swann’s ‘Reality Check’ exposes how secret documents leaked earlier this year prove beyond any doubt the Pentagon knew about the group we now call ISIS three years ago. The documents are from 2012 and were leaked by Judicial Watch. They back up claims that the most violent terrorist organization in history was not only known to the West but actively encouraged (and possibly even funded by them) as part of a much bigger geopolitical game of chess to destabilize the region. The documents show how:

Western intelligence knew very well that fundamentalist radicals (Salafists and Wahabi’ists) were gathering forces. They were not stopped at the time because it was thought the extremists would be useful in the allied goal of ousting President Assad.

Back then, we didn’t have a term for these extremists.We now recognize them as ISIS/ISIL.

The West sent arms from Benghazi in Libya to Syria to aid these extremists.

The Pentagon predicted “a possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in Eastern Syria,” and not only did they predict it, they actually wanted it to happen.

…”and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition [The USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Europe] want in order to isolate the Syrian regime,” states the document.

China, Iran and Russia’s support for Assad as the legitimate President of Syria caused huge problems for Pentagon strategy, which is why the West hates the idea of Russia bombing ISIS (ever wondered why that is? Well, now you know)

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