If the idea of a mandatory quota admission is re-raised, Slovakia will reject it - said Robert Fico, the Slovakian Prime Minister, on Saturday in Banska Bystrica, on the 71st anniversary ceremony of the Slovak national uprising.

"Concerning migration the European policy has failed completely," - stated Fico. He noted that Europe had to face the uncontrolled flood of refugees. "We should not pretend we cannot see people's fear, they do fear, and not only in Slovakia, but throughout Europe. Let us not pretend we do not see the causes of the phenomenon, and let us not pretend as if we would be able to solve this problem in a way that we receive everyone with open arms, regardless if they are economic speculators or people who realistically need to protect their lives, their health and their families' - he explained Fico.

The Slovak prime minister put his concern into words:"how is it possible that if Greece needs money, we call up a summit within 24 hours, but if people are dying, we cannot organize this with the participation of African countries and say that the problem should be resolved where it was generated, rather than focus on the consequences. "

According to Fico, Slovakia is ready to assist the development of safety zones, where migrants can be identified to make clear who are economic speculators, smugglers, arms dealers or people who really need help.

Each country must decide for itself - said the prime minister - who it can realistically take care of, "Let's be honest, since we are not able to integrate our own Romany fellow citizens, of whom there are hundreds of thousands, then how could we integrate such people who have a very different lifestyle and religion?"- said Fico. The prime minister said that in connection with the migration crisis the Slovak National Security Council will hold an emergency meeting next week.