How 6,000 people can rule the world


Just 6,000 people control the world. How is that possible? What factors must be in place for so few people to have so much power?

1)    The 6,000 people must have a common outlook and a common purpose. It would be a disaster for them if they continually fought with each other. The Old World Order are united by their insatiable desire for money and power. 6,000 is the number that allows them to share vast wealth. If there were too many - 600,000 or 6,000,000, say - their wealth and power would be massively diluted. Also, dissension amongst their ranks would be enormously more likely.

2)    The 6,000 people must exploit the threat of force to keep everyone else in their place. The army and the police provide this element of force.

3)    The 6,000 must be able to spy on everyone else. The secret services provide this function.

4)    The masses must be given the illusion of political choice. Democracy performs this role.

5)    The masses must believe they are free. To this end, they are provided with negative liberty. This is freedom from government interference (providing the people do nothing to challenge the government).

6)    The masses must have plenty of choice. Consumerism meets this need. People have endless products from which to choose. They confuse the ability to choose consumer objects with genuine choice.

7)    The masses must be fed and entertained: panem et circenses - bread and circuses - as the Romans put it. Supermarkets provide abundant cheap and convenient food and drink. TV, movies, theatre, music, nightclubs, bars, playstations etc provide abundant entertainment.

8)    From time to time, the masses must be able to disappear into an altered state of mind where they can temporarily put their daily problems behind them. Drugs perform this function. Alcohol, cigarettes and sedatives are the legal drugs provided by the authorities. The authorities also ensure that plenty of illegal drugs are available. (Ultimately, it is the 6,000 who reap the benefits of the international drugs trade.)

9)    The masses must feel they "own" something significant. Property is the means chosen. Many people practically worship their homes, seeing them almost as extensions of the self and essential to their identity. "An Englishman's home is his castle."

10)    The masses must believe that their grievances will be addressed. The legal system provides this function.

11)    The masses must believe that "wrongdoers" will be punished. The prison system serves this purpose.

12)    The masses must have some hope of an afterlife. Religion achieves this function.

13)    The masses must have hope of a radical transformation of their fortunes. Lotteries, gambling and the "American Dream" satisfy this need.

14)    The masses must have an intimate, loving, support system. Family provides this.

These 14 elements provide the basis of a stable society that can be automatically controlled by a small number of people without direct daily involvement. Above all, the masses must respect the 6,000 as the source of legitimate authority. They must fear the consequences of disobeying the 6,000.

In WWII, the SS guards in the Nazi concentration camps performed relatively few tasks. They did not get closely involved in the daily routines of extermination, other than dropping Zyklon B canisters into the showers. Nearly all of the work was left to the Jews themselves. The Jewish ghettoes that the Nazis established in many cities were allowed to be led by councils of Jewish elders. These councils allocated food, drink and medicine, decided who would get on the transports to the death camps, appointed police enforcers to keep order, handed over subversives to the Nazis etc. It all worked smoothly without any direct Nazi involvement. The Nazis got exactly the results they wanted via work done by Jews, the very people they were exterminating. It could be argued that an entire people colluded in their own destruction out of sheer terror of what would happen if they disobeyed. But look what happened anyway. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are in a similar position to the Jews: colluding in our own humiliation while our masters get on with enjoying the good life. We do the dirty work for them, police ourselves and hand over the proceeds at the end of the day. They sit in their luxury restaurants, sipping the finest champagne and laughing at us.

Hierarchies are based on implied force. If you disobey your superiors in the hierarchy, sanctions will be imposed on you. It is essential to the success of the Old World Order that everyone should accept their position in the hierarchy. Once the people have placed themselves in the pecking order then those at the top of the hierarchy - the Old World Order themselves - are safe.

In the book The Last Bling King, the uprising against the Old World Order relies on the people freeing themselves from the hierarchy. When the hierarchy is no longer acknowledged it ceases to have power. The hierarchy is intimately related to the master/slave dialectic. Slaves naturally fall into line and obey the chain of command. The society of the slave is the society where a rigid hierarchy can be perceived at every turn. Ours is such a society. While the hierarchy is maintained, the masters can wield unlimited power.

What is the Illuminati's alternative vision of society? Most of the details can be found in one of the most influential philosophical works of all time: The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Although Rousseau was not a member of the Illuminati, his political views were virtually identical to those of the Illuminati. Robespierre and Saint-Just, the two greatest Illuminists of the French Revolution, relied on The Social Contract. Rousseau's political thinking will be discussed in another section.

In the Korean War, the Chinese realised that it was a waste of resources to build prison camps for large numbers of POWs and to carefully guard them all. What they did instead was to identify all of the prisoners with strong personalities - the leaders, whether officers or not - and separate them from the others. They guarded this small number (approximately 5% of the total) and left the others to their own devices. None of the unguarded prisoners attempted to escape. Without natural leaders to inspire them and urge them on, they were like sheep. They wandered around aimlessly causing no trouble, waiting for the Chinese to feed them.

The Old World Order employ similar tactics. They identify the leaders of the masses - the 5% - and they deal with them in one way or another, either by bringing them on board in the lower levels of the OWO, or jailing them or even eliminating them. Without leaders, the masses are like the Korean War prisoners, wandering around directionlessly. Most people idle away their time in pointless activities. The OWO are never concerned about such people.

The other element upon which the OWO's empire is built is the expert manipulation of the so-called seven deadly sins, plus three other sins. The full ten sins are: avarice, wrath, envy, sloth, lust, pride, gluttony, cowardice, selfishness and vanity. The OWO are the masters of knowing how to identify which sin applies most to which person and then using that knowledge to destroy them or render them harmless.

History consists of two forces. It is dialectically moving in the direction of ever increasing freedom, but at every stage on that journey it has to battle through sin in all of its forms. Sin is the brake on the advance of freedom. Sin is the perpetual antithesis. Sin is the arena of human weaknesses, frailties, failings, vulnerabilities, impulses and desires. The OWO try to hold back freedom via sin. They are grand masters in the use of sin to suit their own ends. The world they have constructed is a masterpiece of deception. The illusion of freedom is extremely powerful, yet the world is a huge prison camp. Only the OWO themselves are free. The masses are relentlessly manipulated according to their sins.

In the book Prohibition A, the concept of "Sin for Salvation" is discussed. That is a subject to which we shall return. The masses must redefine their attitude to sin. Only then can they take the decisive step towards true freedom. The OWO view "sin" as a weapon to be used against the people. They construct religions that emphasise sin, all the better to control the masses. Christians, Jews and Muslims are obsessed with sin. That is why they will never be free. What is the most effective prison? The one you carry around in your own head. What is sin? Your portable prison.

The Hidden History

In The Secret History of the World by Jonathan Black, there is a chapter entitled "The Illuminati and the Rise of Unreason".

We have highlighted various contentious comments made by Black and provided short responses.

"The story of the Illuminati is one of the darker episodes in the secret history and it has blackened the reputation of secret societies ever since."

This is the usual nonsense that is said about the Illuminati. The Illuminati are regarded as sinister because they have explicitly stated that they want to a) overthrow Satanic religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism - religions that, despite having been allowed to influence the human race for many centuries, have demonstrably failed in every regard in terms of creating a good, noble world - and b) to topple tyrants - monarchs, despots, dictators, oligarchs, the super-rich - those who have equally failed dismally and unpardonably to advance humanity to a higher level.

Yes, the Illuminati have always sought a New World Order. Humanity cries out for it. Isn't it time to abolish the old, failed ways that have enslaved so many billions? The Illuminati have incurred the enmity of all those who prosper from the Old World Order: the rich, privileged elites, the religious leaders who deceive their flocks (of sheep), and the paranoid, ill-educated idiots (all the brainwashed anti-New World Order conspiracy theory nuts who don't see that the New World Order is their only hope of liberation).

Arrayed against the Illuminati is an unholy alliance of the super-rich, the false prophets, the cynical media hacks like Black, and the ordinary suckers who have fallen for the Old World Order's propaganda. How can the Illuminati's great, historical mission to accomplish freedom be deemed a "dark episode"? Those who oppose the New World Order are the enemies of liberation. How many dark episodes has the world had to endure because of the forces that currently control the world?

"In 1776 a Bavarian professor of law, Adam Weishaupt, founded an organisation called the Illuminati, recruiting the first brothers from amongst his students."

Weishaupt was one of the greatest grand masters of the Illuminati, but the society was founded millennia before he was born. It existed initially as a loose association of wandering thinkers, mystics and holy men until the ancient Greek philosopher, mathematician and mystic Pythagoras turned it into a mystery school and secret society. He was the first official Grand Master of the Illuminati and the first person to use the word "philosopher" - lover of wisdom. Most of the grand masters of the Illuminati have been philosophers and mystics like Pythagoras. (Adam Weishaupt was a highly cultured professor of canon law, well-versed in advanced philosophy and a champion of Enlightenment values. He wasn't some ridiculous gangster, thug or psychopath, as he is so frequently portrayed by the puppets of the Old World Order.)

"Like the Jesuits, the Illuminati brotherhood was run on military lines. Members were requested to surrender individual judgement and will. Like earlier secret societies, Weishaupt's Illuminati promised to reveal an ancient wisdom. Higher and more powerful secrets were promised to those who progressed up the ladder of initiations. Initiates worked in small cells. Knowledge was shared between cells on what modern security services call a "need to know" basis - so dangerous was this newly rediscovered knowledge."

The knowledge wasn't "rediscovered". Members of the Illuminati are never asked to surrender individual judgement and will, although, obviously, they are required to maintain the discipline of the society. The Jesuits were based on the organisation of the Illuminati, not the other way around. (Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, was a member of the Illuminati, tasked with creating a Trojan horse of ostensibly orthodox Catholic intellectuals, who would gradually erode and discredit the intellectual basis of Catholicism. The seal of the Jesuit Order contains an Illuminati symbol of a blazing sun, to dispel darkness and ignorance.) It was because the Vatican began to suspect that the Jesuits had been infiltrated by the Illuminati that they temporarily suppressed the Order (between the years 1773 and 1814). When it was reinstated, it was under much tighter Vatican control than before, and the Illuminati lost their influence over it. During the period of suppression, many Jesuits loyal to the Vatican were still able to retain influential positions, albeit they were no longer called Jesuits. They were appalled about the rumoured involvement of the Illuminati in their Order, and swore to bring down Adam Weishaupt. They were the main agitators against him and gave assistance to others to attack him and blacken his name. One of the most hysterical critics of Weishaupt and the Illuminati was Abbé Augustin Barruel, a French Jesuit priest. He wrote that the French Revolution was planned and executed by the Illuminati and the Jacobins (the radical group of which Robespierre and Saint-Just were the leading members) and that the people were led like sheep into a Revolution that they didn't want. In other words, he was trying to say that the people of France did not have any grievances against the aristocracy and only revolted because of sinister manipulation. In fact, the Illuminati and the Jacobins merely provided the spark to light the tinderbox of resentment. Afterwards, they provided the leadership. But nothing would have happened in the absence of the legitimate fury of the people.

"The Ancien Régime is a Satanic Order. The Illuminati's noble and historic mission is to release man's higher self by destroying the archons - the princes of the world - who prosecute Satan's will and hold mankind in their dark thrall. Their corruption has reached its zenith in France. That diabolical tyranny is ripe for destruction. All that is required is a spark. We are the spark."

Adam Weishaupt (Grand Master of the Illuminati), 1789

Yes, more secrets are yielded to those Illuminists who go further up the ladder. They must demonstrate that they merit the revelation of higher wisdom. Yes, small cells are used throughout the Illuminati and many members are unaware of the identities of other members. Only the ruling council of twelve has a full view of the entire society. Thanks to the cell structure, the Illuminati have never been penetrated at the highest level.

"Weishaupt joined the Freemasons in 1777, and soon many of the Illuminati followed, infiltrating the lodges. They quickly rose to positions of seniority."

The reason why members of the Illuminati had senior roles in Freemasonry was that the Illuminati created Freemasonry. Throughout history, the Illuminati have created secondary vehicles to carry their message. As revealed in The Armageddon Conspiracy, the Illuminati established the Cathars, the Knights Templar and the Alchemists, as well as the Freemasons. The Freemasons and the Jesuits were the two-pronged replacement for the Knights Templar. (The Jesuits, like the Templars, were supposedly faithful Catholics, but in reality were, originally, working to subvert Catholicism. Protestantism also came about because of the promptings of the Illuminati. The Illuminati hoped that a huge schism would destroy Christianity. They were proved wrong.)

"Then in 1785 it came about that a man called Jacob Lanz, travelling to Silesia, was struck by lightning. When he was laid out in a nearby chapel, the Bavarian authorities found papers on the body revealing the secret plans of the Illuminati. From these papers, including many in Weishaupt's own hand, and together with others seized in raids around the country, a complete picture was built up."    

What is the likelihood of a secret society sending allegedly incriminating documents "in the clear" - unencrypted? Zero. What is the likelihood of a vital courier just happening to be struck by lightning? Zero. It is true that Lanz, a friend of Weishaupt, was struck by lightning while at Weishaupt's side, and it was from this fact that the myth arose. But Lanz, a priest, was not a member of the Illuminati, and was never in receipt of any Illuminati documents.

"The seized writings revealed that the ancient wisdom and the secret supernatural powers promulgated within the Illuminati had always been a cynical invention and a fraud. An aspirant progressed through the grades only to discover that the spiritual elements in the teachings were merely a smokescreen."

What is the likelihood of a secret society putting in writing that it was a "cynical invention and a fraud", and then circulating this information amongst its membership? Zero. The Illuminati would never have had, and wouldn't have, any members if this were true. This is just the usual misinformation and disinformation spread by the secret services of oppressive regimes to discredit their opponents.

If any real evidence was found incriminating Weishaupt why wasn't he arrested and executed for treason? Remember that these events were taking place in the aftermath of the American Revolution and the build-up to the French Revolution when right-wing European regimes were terrified of radicals. It's true that the enemies of the Illuminati made life difficult for Weishaupt in Bavaria and that he was forced to leave (though with the offer of a pension from the Bavarian government - hardly what you would expect if he were deemed a deadly enemy of the state), eventually settling in Gotha where he was given the protection of Duke Ernest II of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg. The fact that he received royal patronage is the surest proof that the full extent of the Illuminati's plans remained completely secret. The Illuminati were linked with a number of aristocrats who did not know the true nature of the society. The Illuminati were able to exploit these influential connections to advance their plans. Until the last few decades, the Illuminati felt they had no option but to act in this manner i.e. to cultivate the "friendship" of VIPs. Now, the Illuminati avoid all contact with the rich and powerful because moving in privileged circles caused some members of the Illuminati to be corrupted.

Long before the Enlightenment, the Illuminati were preaching Enlightenment values. The Enlightenment was the outcome of the efforts of the Illuminati to promote science and reason, and to undermine orthodox religion. In Weishaupt's time, Pope Pius VI condemned the Illuminati, but by then the Catholic Church no longer had the capability of waging war against the Illuminati.

"Spirituality was derided, spat upon. Jesus Christ's teachings, it was said, were really purely political in content, calling for the abolition of all property, of the institution of marriage and all family ties, all religion. The aim of Weishaupt and his conspirators was to set up a society run on purely materialistic grounds, a revolutionary new society - and the place where they would test their theories, they had decided, would be France."

On the contrary, the Illuminati are trying to break the spell of materialism and consumerism by fostering a new spirituality to inspire the world. Jesus Christ is a false prophet and an archon of Satan. Much of Christ's message is indeed political. Many of the greediest megalomaniacs in history have been Christians. Today, many of the wealthiest, most avaricious, ruthless, right wing, conservative, reactionary people in the world are Christians. The Bush Family and the British Royal Family - two of the mainstays of the Old World Order - are avowed Christians. There is no clearer evidence of how malignant Christianity is than in the identities of the world's most influential Christians. What kind of religion gives birth to monarchs, enormously rich and powerful family dynasties and vast disparities in wealth and opportunities?

The Illuminati do not call for the abolition of property, but they do object to its unfair distribution. They do oppose family dynasties, most particularly royal families. They do oppose all Satanic religions. They do advocate a revolutionary New World Order, infused with the liberated human spirit. They tried to implement their theories many times throughout history and were persecuted for their efforts because the Old World Order proved much stronger. America was the Illuminati's grand plan. For a time it seemed that America, the great, newborn Republic that deposed the tyrannical British monarchy, would be a beacon to illuminate the world. The dream did not last long. The Old World Order were able to corrupt the new nation and make it the centrepiece of their dark vision. America has replaced the British Empire as the seat of the Old World Order's malignancy, the very source of inequality and anti-meritocratic forces. The American "Dream" is the most ironic label ever applied in history.

"Finally it was whispered in the candidate's ear that the ultimate secret is that there is no secret."

It is true that this was said. It was a test that was applied to candidates to reduce them to despair (to bring about metaphorical spiritual death) so that they could then be reborn in the truth. It is common practice for such statements to be taken out of context and woefully misinterpreted by the Illuminati's enemies.

"In this way he was inducted into a nihilistic and anarchistic philosophy that appealed to the candidate's worst instincts. Weishaupt gleefully anticipated tearing down, destroying civilisation, not to set people free, but for the pleasure of imposing his will upon others."

The Illuminati are fighting nihilism, anarchy and materialism. Yes, the Illuminati anticipate tearing down the Old World Order's tyranny.

"Weishaupt's writings reveal the extent of his cynicism: '…in concealment lies a great part of our strength. For this reason we must cover ourselves in the name of another society. The lodges that are under Freemasonry are the most suitable cloak for our high purpose.'

Yes, the Illuminati use concealment and create other organisations to advance their cause. The Freemasons were one such creation. One of America's greatest Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, said of Weishaupt: "As Weishaupt lived under the tyranny of a despot and priests, he knew that caution was necessary even in spreading information, and the principles of pure morality. He proposed therefore to lead the Freemasons to adopt this object and to make the objects of their institution the diffusion of science and virtue. He proposed to initiate new members into his body by gradations proportioned to his fears of the thunderbolts of tyranny. This has given an air of mystery to his views, was the foundation of his banishment, the subversion of the Masonic order, and is the colour for the ravings against him of Robinson, Barruel and Morse, whose real fears are that the craft would be endangered by the spreading of information, reason, and natural morality among men. This subject being new to me, I have imagined that if it be so to you also, you may receive the same satisfaction in seeing, which I have had in forming the analysis of it: and I believe you will think with me that if Weishaupt had written here, where no secrecy is necessary in our endeavours to render men wise and virtuous, he would not have thought of any secret machinery for that purpose."

Weishaupt's avowed mission was to bring about: "Illumination, enlightening the understanding by the sun of reason, which will dispel the clouds of superstition and of prejudice". He wanted to perfect human nature by using Illumination to perform alchemy's goal of turning base metal into gold (to release the divine spark in humanity).

As has been said, Weishaupt was not the founder of the Illuminati. The secret society he established was the Order of Perfectibilists ("The Perfectionists"). The inspiration for the name came from the priesthood of the Cathars known as the Perfecti (Perfects, Parfaits). The Illuminati infiltrated the Perfectibilists and discovered that it had much in common with the Illuminati. Weishaupt was then recruited by the Illuminati, and showed such dedication and merit that he was eventually elected the Grand Master after the death of the incumbent. His chosen name within the Illuminati was "Brother Spartacus" to show his commitment to overthrowing the Old World Order and to leading the slaves to overcome their cruel masters.

"Danton, Desmoulins, Mirabeau, Marat, Robespierre, Guillotin and other leaders [of the French Revolution] had been 'illuminated.'"

Yes, the French Revolution, one of the greatest events in history, was inspired and led by the Illuminati, but not all of the people mentioned in this list were Illuminists.

Jonathan Black attempts to portray the tyrant Louis XVI in a sympathetic light, thereby revealing where his true sympathies lie. The world is full of royalists and Old World Order sympathisers like Black.

"When [Louis XVI] tried to speak to the crowd, he was cut short by a roll on the drums…That this should happen in the heart of the most civilised nation on earth opened the door to the unthinkable."

Black believes that rule by evil, tyrannical monarchs is "civilised" and that it is unthinkable to put to death the oppressors of the people, those whose hands are red with the blood of innocents. Everything he says is stained by his slavish love of the Old World Order. Black belongs to the tradition of Barruel, Robinson and Morse: pro monarchists who detested the values of the Revolution.

"It is said that in the melee that followed a man jumped on to the scaffold and yelled, 'Jacques de Molay, you are avenged!' If this is true, its sentiment was in stark contrast to the king's grace and charity."

Black can't resist any opportunity to express his pro-monarchist sentiments. Jacques de Molay was the heroic last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, savagely tortured for years by King Philip IV of France's henchmen and then burned at the stake in 1314. The Knights Templar were founded by the Illuminati. The Illuminati were indeed elated to be avenged against the kings of France.

We would encourage everyone to read Jonathan Black's book and reach their own conclusions. While much of his material is misleading, inaccurate and ridiculous, he

nevertheless touches on many of the areas of which seekers of the truth should be aware. They should use Black's book as a starting point for more profound and illuminating research.

The Archons

These are the ultimate puppetmasters: the "unknown superiors". There are 144 of them and their task is to maintain the Old World Order in perpetuity. They are opposed by 36 equivalents whose mission is to accomplish the overthrow of the Old World Order and the creation of a New World Order. The former outnumber the latter by four to one, and this reflects the degree of difficulty of defeating the Old World Order.

We will be saying much more about the archons and their malignant influence on history in the book The Soul Camera.