Illegal immigration: does anyone know what is behind this?

 At least 10 dead, as over 4,200 migrants rescued in Mediterranean

It has been almost 6 months since a great migration began which is unique in human history. While in Italy, France and Spain the masses of the people from Africa annoyance in the daily life of those who live there, we, here in the Balkans and Central and Eastern Europe, mainly meet refugees(?) from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc day after day. (Alas, `etc` can now for example mean some African arrivals in Magyarkanizsa (Hungary), since just today, namely on 5 August 5, 2015 I met a family from Somalia in front of the City Hall.

It is no secret, that until now, hundreds of thousands of people arrived in Europe, and here both the governments and the media only deal with the occurences, the current situation. I believe I am not the only one who is concerned with the question of why, that I am not alone who does not "take it in" that these people are fleeing the horrors of war, and they are poor impoverished creatures. I am interested in some issues because of the events experienced in reality - but I cannot find answers, as it seems that those whose duty would be to give us answers, do not want to know about these issues.

In this article I want to share with the readers the doubts arisen in me. What do these people claim (I do not dare call them persecuted persons, refugees, asylum seekers, migrants nor even conquerors, because the reality is - I fear - much worse than this)?

1. As war rages around them, they sold all of their assets and several months ago left for the states of Western Europe in the hope of a better life. Could someone tell me when a war rages somewhere, will there be a buyer who gives money for movable and immovable property the of an individual, of a family? Is there any real market value of that?

2. Armed forces had invaded the place where they lived, and the entire population were forced to leave . Let's assume that all this is true, but then during the many months of wanderings how could they buy food, how did they acquire for themselves new clothes and shoewear instead of the tattered ones? Who was the one who provided them with the most modern means of communication?

3. Since in the village located in the surroundings the Islamic State soldiers wiped out all those who were not willing to co-operate with them (to convert to Islam, to fight in their army etc) and therefore to avoid the trouble, they set off. Here, too, the same questions should be voiced what can already be found in Section 2.

As you can see, I noted down just the three most frequent allegations (of course, with my doubts.) It is possible that some of these claims are even true. However - since I meet these people day after day in the main square of Magyarkanizsa and in the surrounding roads - allow me to doubt! Why would I dare to have doubts? Here are the facts:

- About 20% of the arriving crowd consist of families with small children (ie father, mother, sometimes grandparents and children), and the rest are young and middle-aged men,

- Members of the crowd, even if the bus takes them to Subotica, Horgos or to the access road before Martonos, take the liberty and walk into the centre of Magyarkanizsa.

- They set camp (put up tents) in the center, to be exact in the park in front of the City Hall, on the sidewalks in the center, or on the terraces of catering facilities - and they live there their daily lives (it is not uncommon to have their biological needs taken care of here, they do not go to the mobile toilets that can be found in the courtyard of the police station).

- Virtually on everyone the latest sports clothing and shoes can be seen, I was an eye and ear witness of an instance when one of them just simply bought new clothes and shoes, and then he changed in the park and immediately threw away the old ones,

- Also, almost everyone is `armed` with the most modern means of communication (smartphone and / or tablet), and if it breaks down, they just throw it away, and then buy a new one,

- Gradually queues are formed in front of the banks, because the "poor paupers" are waiting for a transfer, namely via Western Union. I also was an eye and ear witness when one of them announced that he intended to collect 5,000 US dollars.

Now anyone can accuse me of stirring up an anti-refugee mood. To anyone who states something like that, I repeat, this is all my experience what I have seen during the last few months and what I have heard from the people who are (almost) holding Magyarkanizsa under occupation. I do not wish to express an opinion, everyone can form their own opinion knowing about these things.

I will not give answers to these questions either:

1. Who organizes the migration of these people (because this is certainly not spontaneous)?

2. Who finances the migration of these people (because it is certain they did not open Western Union accounts by themselves)?

3. Who supplies these people with the necessary information (eg. route, settlement names, GPS coordinates, etc.)?

4. Where are the secret services of the countries involved (as it is about bringing disorder to the order of states and societies,the whole European civilization, but I am not wrong even if I wrote here it is an attempt to destruct all these)?