A new iPhone 6 app set to be released this week and created by ComTech, a Los Angeles based company, is stemming controversy as it should allow users to use their iPhone 6 as an X-ray machine.

The new app that has been applauded for its ingenuity by many in the scientific community, as it could drastically help in the diagnosis of different medical conditions, particularly in remote regions of the world where X-ray machines are expensive and hard to access, is also being decried by certain consumer rights group as «indecent» and «outlandishly immoral» as the app could also be used to see through peoples clothes.

The app that will only work on iPhone 6 mobile phones uses a technology already inherent to the latest Apple products which enable the use of terahertz waves for scientific and medical imaging.

The new controversial app will permit iPhone 6 users to see through peoples clothes but will also have many medical uses

The new app that is scheduled to come out this week has met with a wave of criticism from major consumer rights groups.

«This technology will allow people who have no access to medical facilities to be diagnosed simply with a mobile phone» acknowledges James Grant, head of R&D at ComTech. «Of course, the downside is that this technology can also be used to peek through light walls, and also, clothing» he admits. «I think people have to understand that the positive effects profoundly outweigh the downsides in this case» he told reporters.

The new app is scheduled to be released in April and should cost under 20$.