Secrets and correlations of Hungary’s history


The falsification of the Hungarians history had only one goal - said a group of German historians: to acquire and take away the Carpathian Basin from the Hungarians! Hungary is the Paradise on Earth!

The geographical location of the Carpathian basin is exactly the centre of Europe. Considering the directions it does not matter from which direction people transiting here come from or where they go - they definitely must pass through this area due to its central position.
It means, Hungary constitutes the center of Europe. The past and contemporary history proves that it has always been foreign people who needed and still need this area, and the knowledge that can be found here and not the other way around!
The energy center: a study called`Gaia theory`published by NASA, says that the Earth's heart chakra (the heart of the Earth) is in the Carpathian Basin, in the
Pilis (Pole) Hills. Its centre(highest peak) is Dobogókő, which is the centre of sacred initiation. In the Middle Ages Pilis created a protected area and a closed system, in which a stranger could not penetrate, such access was prohibited. (Well-known is the fate of Queen Gertrude, who set foot in the restricted area in spite of the prohibition. She paid with her life for it.) The Dalai Lama revealed 22 years ago that the Hungarians have a role protecting the Earth`s energy centre. Brzezinski national security adviser wrote this in the 70s:. "Anyone who wants to gain the rule over the world, they have to conquer the Earth's heart. Anyone who conquered the Earth`s heart, they took possession of Europe and who took Europe, they rule the whole world.". Sultan Murad said that those who occupy Hungary, are the ruler of the whole world. It means, who owns the energy center, they rule the world. Bonfini, Galeotto and IV. Bela describe how the people of Europe are envious of the Hungarians for the Carpathian Basin and for the richness here, so they are surrounded by hatred.
In the Middle Ages it was mentioned that in Hungary the land is the richest, it is blessed with plenty of fish, large quantities of grain and the wine is excellent.
The wealth that is characteristic of the country since the beginning of time still exists today. Yet currently the abundance is not enjoyed by Its people but by an invading foreign group. In spring 2006 the media announced that Hungary was included in the world's 25 richest countries!
They did not achieve this huge amount of income from the lavish profits of oil extraction. This prime place is the result of the hard work of Hungarians. Due to the positive qualities that are the characteristics of the country, it is no wonder that during history the Carpathian Basin was continuously an attractive land to be acquired for others. The goal of Alexander the Great's campaign of conquest
was probably the Carpathian Basin, including the capture of Pilis. He wanted to build the palace of the Sun in Pilis. He knew that by obtaining the Carpathian Basin he can become the greatest ruler of the world. Luckily, he did not reach his destination, he died on the way.
The Mongols, the Turks, the Habsburgs, the Germans, the Russians all had the same envy and hatred when they thought and acted in order to obtain this land. And it is not different today, the situation has not changed. As the curse of Trianon they abolished the kingdom, the ancestral lands of the nobility were confiscated and nationalized. The peasantry became homeless. When they were concentrated in one hand it was easy to privatize and sell out the public lands ( from the lulled and blinded people). Privatization: with the current selling out they want Hungarians to totally lose their footing: the Hungarian homeland. Foreigners keep grabbing these lands and the control of all important central institutions. Today the selling off of the Hungarian land to foreign people is done at petty prices. What does not
get under the hammer of privatization, it is obtained by foreign-owned banks by burdening the land with mortgages. They are creating a situation in which more and more people are forced to borrowing,they give the farmers loans of tens of millions for equipment purchases, and then they manipulate their profitability of agriculture, doing all this under the manual control of the EU - and as a result because of poverty more and more people are forced to discard their lands and hand them over to foreign management. In the case of insolvency farmers lose their lands, which their ancestors defended with their blood and on which they never, under any circumstances would have given up. In the autumn of 2006 despite the contracts signed with farmers the high-quality grain they grown was not accepted.
It is assumed that it was a deliberate breach of contract. Seeing the little crop of 2007, the Hungarian farmers hoped that the remaining 2006 crop (what the state and the EU bought up and stored for 2,500 HUF) they can feed to their animals, and the little new crop can be sold for 5-7 thousand forints, with which they could have got a relief from the overwhelming pressure of the EU. Instead, the authorities immediately gave instructions for the burning of the 2500-forint crop in power stations, doing this when they knew that a few months later the farmers could have sold the same thing for twice the price!
Surely they were thinking that with the price of meat staying the same, the peasants will be incapable of keeping one single pig when the grain is sold at triple prices! But it caused annual income loss for the farmers and they become bankrupt or reached the brink of bankruptcy. In case of bankruptcy due to the mortgage loads banks in the foreign hands will seize their lands, their houses, their cars.
Wine-growers are encouraged and they receive EU support to uproot ancient vineyards and sell their lands. Producers are plagued by such difficulties of living that in their final despair they might opt for the money. If they choose to do so, these lands will also fall into foreign hands. For the deliberate annihilation of the farmers
during the autumn harvest, helicopters kept circling over the plantations. The farmers and the helping relatives and friends are punished with the exclamation that they are considered to be workers and therefore they are obliged to pay taxes. This is another trauma for landowners, which could lead to discarding the land.
They spreader rumours about rag weed that it was the cause of all major allergic diseases, when in fact it is "completely innocent." Instead, they could have announced any other wild plant to be the main culprit. Anyone who has some land, knows that this plant can appear any day at any time and anywhere. It is impossible to constantly monitor their emergence in a larger area.
With whom rag weed is found, they can expect a fine up to several millions.
With this they achieved their goal again: the farmers cannot bear to pay the penalty, it is not worth to keep the land in their names, so they discard it. There is none or little talk about the real causes of allergies: eg. food with chemicals (which is responsible in 70% for the toxins accumulated in the human body which are the main causes of allergic diseases!). About the GM soya, the carcinogenic air of cities that the vast amount of chemicals, used daily by humankind as cosmetics, including detergents absorbed through the skin, chemical perfumes and deodorants, various cosmetic agents, etc.. The latter toxins are being advertised daily, constantly, - devoting huge amounts - by the commercial networks. It is estimated that if the sale and the discarding of lands, the rate of forced sales continues with the current pace or increases in the near future, then the majority of the remaining Hungarian lands shortly, maybe even in a few years, can get into foreign hands!  Acquisitions are happening in full swing. The majority of the Hungarian population have not thought through the disastrous consequences of this even today! Very-very soon the maps may indicate foreign land ownership. In county Somogy there are some areas where everything is foreign-owned including the villages, even the roads! They intend to wipe the sign `Hungary` off the maps! You should not give up your ancestors` land! You must pay a huge price for it!
What's wrong with them, why is half of the world afraid of them? It is easy to get an answer.
The prominent professor of McGill University in Montreal, Wilder Pen field, years ago (between 1960-65) got an assignment from the Rockefeller Foundation, to seek out and prove which is the core gene on Earth. The untold real aim of the research project was to find the Semitic (Superior) gene.
A large research group was working on it. After many years, they did find the wanted gene - only not one but two!
Professor Pen field recorded it in his report that one  is in the Native
American lands, and the other, cleaner bloodline is the people who call themselves Magyar, living in the Carpathian Basin - but he added in his final
report that this bloodline can be found from Japan through China to the upper part of Africa, then in Central Europe and the Cis-Ural area all the way to Scotland! As a consequence of this result which ruined the hopes of the - Semitic friend - Rockefeller Foundation, the organization immediately cancelled their support. They withdrew the subsidies and forbade any publication and printing of the report for 40 years.
There are some other interesting falsifications of history that have been revealed recently whose primary goal is the destruction of the Hungarian identity! Scholars of history teach us that Hungarian people were wandering the steppes and were an uncultivated race which arrived in the Carpathian Basin in 896. Nonetheless the artifacts found at Tatarlak in 1961, that have been proven to be at least
6,000-year-old, were written in the ancient Hungarian runic script! Let us not forget, even the pyramids did not exist at this time!
But we are already talking about 15,000-year-old Hungarians, if we look at the stones of Glozel as a starting point, whose age is 15,000 years! With this the scientific world cannot cope because they do not want to acknowledge that the Hungarians had literacy first, because at that time there was no writing yet!
Therefore, the otherwise interesting finding is just gathering dust in a small museum ........ but for how long?
Perhaps the world is afraid of the domination of the Hungarians and the essential capabilities of Hungarians, lest those prevail over other nations. Just think of how the success of Hungarian inventions is prevented by the all-time collaborationist Hungarian leading class! Consider how many of the Nobel Prize winners succeeded in Hungary! There is the world sensation, the artificial blood, Professor Dr. István Horváth`s invention or the similarly sensational antigen, which removes cholesterol (which leads to vasoconstriction, hypertension, i.e., the 67%of the cause of death) from blood vessels in five weeks. From these two inventions Hungary could profit so much that it would be able to repay its total debt in a few years!
This, however, would be contrary to the intentions of globalism, as for the supression of Hungarians the colonization has begun: the recently published plan of colonization on a multi-million scale is real information. Because of the references to people arriving from the East, most people think only the Chinese and it diverts attention from the race whose introduction has already begun. The agreement on the resettling of 500,000 Jewish was signed with Israel on April 14, 2004 by Peter
Medgyessy, Ferenc Madl, Istvan Hiller, Ibolya David and Laszlo Kovacs. Currently, the multiplication of this number is the actual plan. The scale of millions is all about this. It is out of the question that anyone would want to solve the provisional pension of Hungarians, due in 50 years, from the work of the new settlers.
The Settling Act of 2007 gives the go-ahead to these immigrants. Yet the Hungarians in Transylvania are excluded, they make resettlement difficult for them with different requirements and regulations...
In order to make this area today suitable for the settlement of foreign people, the number of aboriginals has to be reduced with various austerity measures, a convergence program, with the complete destruction of the economy and health care...They intend to replenish the shortage with the young generation of the new settlers. Even Gyula Horn, and the current Government as well, have  publicly stated that the 10 milliom Hungarians are too many in the Carpathian Basin. No one should lull themselves in the mistaken belief that the European Union will protect us. " We are pushing a cart, which wants to drive over us!"
Shimon Peres, Israeli Prime Minister said on 10 October 2007, at the Hilton Telaviv during a commercial gathering: `By now, the Israeli economy has made such ​​a huge progress that the Israelis, among others, are buying up Hungary. Plans: In the next 15-20 years they are planning the resettling of millions of Jewish. In other words, according to these plans, in 15-20 year`s time there will be masses of Israeli, Chinese and Roma people in the country. The Israelis receive the Hungarian citizenship (and the Hungarians of Transylvania do not!), a permanent residence and with the support of the Israeli government they get free ready to move homes upon arrival. The rest of the Hungarians are required for the service and financial support of Israelis. The domestic population are still not aware of the fact that just because someone speaks Hungarian, it is by no means certain that his heart and thinking are Hungarian too. Due to the former settlements the new generations of Jews have already been born here, they know and speak the language. After university they got into position immediately and now they largely control the banks and hiding behind foreign companies they privatize the rest; in the countryside they buy up masses of land accompanied by TV recordings! The colour of their skin is white, and mostly they do not advertise their origins - thus misleading the naive Hungarians.
Of course, no one judges the Jewish community which make an honest living from hard work and do not have oppressive intentions! But what future awaits Hungarians if they accept the above resigned and with indifference? Probably the spread of violence and proliferation of crime. The increase of lack of jobs, mass exploitation, in health care in the remaining hospitals Hungarians will hardly get treatments, there are up to 1-2 years waiting lists for surgery! Jews do not have jobs to offer, they employ Hungarians to serve them, just think of the company directors and leaders who act like ruthless tyrants. For the surviving and non-dissident Hungarians they intend the role of slaves. The Hungarian population that has been tortured is shaken, in every respect. And: "If someone does not like it, they can leave this f... country!" It was said to the natives by a person who was not content with his stolen wealth, he wanted to be a leader as well, and it does not matter if we talk about right or left wing. They are under one roof and they all eat from the same plate. During the Kossuth Square events they tried to draw the attention of those present to the Jewish origin of the members of the government with reading a long list of names. This had a scandalous media response. It is not anti-Semitism, but rather revealing the reality and the facts. All people have an individual right to know the truth. Hungary now is still the best investment opportunity for foreigners. In the Carpathian Basin compared to their invested capital in other states, Hungarians (who work the most and pay the most taxes)produce the largest profit, revenue, income  in almost every sector. As a result of the privatization they stuff the foreigners` pockets with diligent work, for the 10% of EU pays, while in many cases the prices have been raised higher than in the old EU countries! In the West they pay the 40 thousand gas bill from 800, 000 while in Hungary it is paid from 80 thousand! Even then, many people have the nerve to stand in front of the people of Hungary and say that in many respect they have not reached the EU prices! They are foully silent about their salaries while theirs and the serving `court`people`s are well above the EU top leaders`average pay!
Hungary has become a commercial and financial center, most of which institutions are in Israeli hands. There are more banks in Hungary today, in relation to the number of population than anywhere in the world. Credit interest rates are the highest here. This does not make better service available for Hungarians, but for themselves, for their own benefit in the huge amount of usurious interest they implement even bigger exploitation of poor people. Even for purchasing a car no deposit is required, they shower the population with cash loans without any consideration but with the burden of mortgages. Therefore they built up the repossession system for which they use the support of the public authorities. They can do this, because they just belong to this circle, and meant to serve this circle! Many think that only one way can take Hungarians forward. This can happen with the total exclusion of the right or left wing and keeping in mind only the interests of Hungarians. Anti-Hungarianism: we need to be aware that the current and recently intensified anti-Hungarianism in the disconnected areas (parts of Old Hungary) is not accidental but it is the result of deliberate incitement. The Austrian leadership, which is congenial with the current Hungarian government, still has not given up on the  Hungarian territories, they have slowly bought up half of Transdanubia with`pocket contracts` and by using various loopholes! The Slovaks demand for themselves the northern, mountainous landscapes of the already truncated Hungary. In 2006, the Slovak leader openly claimed that Budapest must be destroyed by tanks... The beatings of Hungarians are regular. The EU just viciously stays silent since it is in their interest to acquire the Hungarian lands.
Nation Murder and Genocide:
Some examples of the ways that have been introduced to reduce the population: There is the use of "protective" vaccines starting from infancy. Today, more studies deal with the extent to which the vaccines damage a child's immune system and reduce the energy levels of its defensive system. They are given against diseases that no longer exist or whose occurrence is very rare even in remote places of the world. In other words, the overwhelming majority of the population will never become endangered, but their bodies are already weakened at an early stage of life.
They have spread the free vaccinations against catarrhal diseases. They are issued free of charge for children and pensioners. The population is not aware that these chemicals highly poison and weaken the human body. If less people reach healthy adulthood, that is favourable for those in the position of world domination and for those behind the medical maffia. Hungarian doctors in masses are carried daily to trainings by plane, where they sign promissory notes with foreign-language small print documents for the application of drugs, and then the pharmaceutical sales reps visit the underpaid doctors as a continuation of the action. The government knows this, but they do nothing against it, as the drug factory owners are actually the financial world they serve. These keep the media under control with ads, which "takes under its wing" 1-2 flu cases regularly and citing a few examples to scare people saying that the flu virus within a short period of time will attack the entire population of the country. Going back for many years it is proved that large epidemics, possibly involving some victims occur about every 37 years. But even in this case, it does not mean the extinction of the population! Untreated colds, without bed rest can have complications. These occurrences are still only fragments of the tragic cases, which commonly occur due to the side effects of vaccines.
Paralysis, other neurological or other diseases occurred in several cases. It can be clearly seen too that despite the injections there are some periods of contagious diseases every year...
  Translated by Andy