Who unleashed hell onto Europe?


We can throw around words, ideas and theories. To the question asked in the title some will reply straight from the gut: the Jews! They might even hit the bull`s-eye, but on what basis? Well, in the past few days an American underground media group issued a summary about who is behind the flood of migrants invading Europe. In the article they examined based on the current records, who came from where. The main immigrant starting points are as follows: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Mali, Niger.

Can we find something in common in these countries? Well, of course we could find. In all these countries, the United States generated wars in the past decade, or the last one or two years. In all these countries religious fanatics created by the US started riots, revolutions and civil wars. The method is spookily similar everywhere : a fanatical gang comes along, who, presenting itself as the local population, starts a revolution, and then an army of foreign mercenaries raids the country. The mercenaries are recruited and trained by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey from poor Islamic countries, luring them to be revolutionists. Afghanistan and Iraq are the odd ones out, there the US began a war openly, which they lost similarly to all the rest of their wars, and since then both regions sank into chaos and anarchy.

The reality, therefore is that the areas impoverished by the US generate the influx of refugees, and free movement pulls in scum from everywhere who are going to occupy a new land in the hope of an easy life. The question arises, if the US is the cause of the influx of refugees,should we not pass them on to the USA as soon as possible? Sure we should. Quite simply, all the ambassadors of the US should be summoned in every European country, and ordered to either deport all the immigrants, or any connections will be discontinued with the instigator country. Would this be a threat to the US? Not until just a small state acts like this. But if it were a pan-European move, that would be a major problem. Probably the US itself would start sinking the ships of immigrants, bombing (by accident) their trains because the millions of immigrants would make the US economy collapse. Just as Europe's economy will collapse eventually.

The final consequences that we can draw: these people, especially men and younger people, have fled areas where war is taking place. It is interesting that neither my father nor my grandfather, nor my great and great-great grandfather fled their homeland, and they saw war and defended Hungary, they were there in '56. They fought their own battles for their country, many of my relatives, including my grandfather died in this war. But thanks to all that this country is called Hungary for more than a 1000 years. These people fled their duty to their country. They ran away to chase European women, to gain easy access to money, as the European social network gives everybody free food, drink and home, only the native inhibitants work in 2-3 jobs ( to get by) and pay huge taxes. These people are the most cowardly useless scum who did not undertake a duty to their own country, why would they regard anything (policy, rules, laws) there where nothing ties them but the free food? The meanest country, the US, should bear the consequences. Yeah, like they have ever done so for anything. No, they haven`t... but under the burden of those millions of sins they will crumble.

Source: Nemzetiarcvonal.net